Nice to Meet you

I'm Kim, and I'm glad you clicked over to read about me and the inspiration behind this blog. You may have found me by a search of Soulful Zest or So Full Zest, but I'll explain the meaning behind the name later. I live in my hometown of Chesapeake, Virginia and outside of my day job, I enjoy getting to know the area I live in on a more personal level. On a typical weekend, you can find me volunteering, traveling,  touring museums, participating in a outdoor activity, and of course finding and eating delicious food. 


After a year of writing yelp reviews, and people suggesting that I start a blog...I have to be honest, I did not jump at the opportunity to do it. Its one thing to give a 1-2 paragraph review on why the food is good, its another to do that, while keeping people entertained and wanting to come back for more week after week. After months of deliberation, finding myself, and eating out (note: also gaining weight and spending a lot of money doing it), So Full Zest entered the universe on February 2016. 

As I say in my first post on this blog, the "So Full Zest" journey started because as a free spirited human being who always took advantage of everything life had to offer, something was missing in my life and I didn't know what. Going out to eat with friends was easy and fun, and yet going out alone was a nightmare. I was missing out on opportunities in my life because I couldn't overcome my fear of isolation. It was not until a friend told me that the only way I could whatever was missing in my life, was to get out without the distraction of familiar faces. So I did just that. 

A year has gone buy, 40+ pounds were gained and loss, and my ability to go out and live my best life is easier than ever. So Full Zest is here to show you the past of getting there, and the future of making it better....making it a full. 

Full of Food, Full of Adventures, Full of Zest.