Losing it all

Food is something that gives us as humans life, energy, and on some unexpected and unwanted occasions, a few extra inches. The irony in that sentence that first appeared on my blog back in February is that just 4 months later, I realized that those few extra inches were turning into a problem. Food....The very thing that intensified my passion for making connections and renewed my zest for life, was also making me fat. I said goodbye to the post work happy hours, weekend restaurant adventures, and most of my social life, and said hello to Step Aerobics, Hot Yoga and this diet called well balanced eating. That combination of things resulted in blog neglect.

So much time had passed since I had written a post that I started to forget that my blog even existed. I began to reflect on this tiny space on the internet and whether others had forgotten about it too. The thought of deleting this and moving onto something else was a lingering thought, but when someone asked me how this site was doing, what new places I had visited, or that they were living vicariously through my life/food journey, that helped me realize that I was not the only person benefiting from all of this. That became my motivation to stay.

Here I am today, 10 months since the start of my blog, 40 pounds lighter, and desperately looking for ways to balance my new healthy lifestyle with the occasional turn up session (I mean happy hour). Although this comes at the end of the year, this post will not conclude with the "new year, new me" statement, because I've been working on me every day, the new year is just another number. Despite the lack of proof on this blog, my journey to fully living my best life has begun, (just go to my instagram and take a look).  Will I ever reach nirvana, probably not. But the fun is in the journey, not the destination , and I've got an arsenal of adventures behind me and even more to come. Stay tuned.