2 Course Tuesdays at Voila Cusine

In case you didn't know, I am a Yelper. I hope you won't use this information to reduce my credibility, because as a foodie and small business supporter, I believe in the use of constructive criticism (not bashing) if I happen to have a not so pleasant experience (lets not talk about South Park ok)?

Now that you have this information, its important to understand how it relates to the Norfolk Restaurant, Voila Cuisine International. Before I visit any place, Yelp is my first stop to look at the most recent pictures and reviews. When searching for this place in particular, Yelp was falling short. If there was a review, there were no pictures associated with it, and for months I stalked the site, trying to decide whether or not I should go. On "Treat Yo Self Tuesday", a day that I designate to go out and do something nice for myself, I decided to pay them a visit. This coincided with their Tuesday night special, where you can get a two course meal for only $20.

My 1st course was the Moules Provenรงale with garlic, onions and tomatoes tossed in a white wine cream sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese. Mussels are usually hit or miss for me. The sauce, which is typically oil based, is either too thin or has no flavor. Their cream sauce did not fall into that category. It coated every crevice of the mussels and accompanying vegetables, and was a perfect dipping sauce for the bread they provided.


My 2nd course was Norwegian salmon with sautรฉed veggies, potato gnocchi, romesco and a sage beurre noisette. Lets get real, I couldn't (and won't) begin to tell you what the sage sauce is, a quick google search takes you places I never could. But know, that I was seated at a table, in a uncrowded restaurant, and I may have possibly licked my plate. But lets stay classy, that situation is a hypothetical one.

If I had taken a picture of the table, I can tell you that one thing missing was salt and pepper, it wasn't needed here for any aspect of my meal. The Salmon was perfectly seared and crispy on the outside and moist and flaky on the inside. The veggies were cooked a step above tender, but not mushy. The gnocchi were like small pillows of clouds on my mouth, soft and doughy like potatoes and ravioli decided to get together and have a baby.

If I wasn't so full from my dinner, I would have ordered dessert, but even on Treat Yo Self Tuesday, I still have to practice self control when it comes to my healthy living lifestyle. My dinner experience at Voila was unbelievable and goes to show even me that as much I love it, Yelp doesn't always get it right. Will I be back? Definitely. Will you? I hope so.