All I Do Is Win

How many times have you seen an event online and thought to yourself;  Man, that looks like it would be fun to attend. You remember that the activity is high up on your interest list, and, there is nothing on your schedule preventing you from going. But before confirming your attendance, you contact a friend and see if they want to go. Well surprise! It turns out that they aren't interested, and now for some reason, neither are you, so you don't go.

Sounds like a ridiculous way to live your life, right? As mentioned in my first post, that person was (and still kind of is) me. Being at a total level of comfort while going solo at social events is a skill that I have yet to master, but practicing has been rewarding.

Two months ago I saw two events posted online within days of each other. Hummingbird Macarons and Desserts and Krispy Kreme; one celebrating its 1 year anniversary of being in Norfolk, and the other doing a grand opening of a new store in Chesapeake.  The challenges were not simple, and at second glance the cost of possibly wasting my time losing, was higher than the prize itself, but I pushed on. The missions were, to be one of the first 25 and 100 people in line, to win a dozen French macarons and a dozen donuts a month for an entire year.

My confidence got the best of me, and despite my past of making plans to attend an event alone and not following through, I announced my goal and accepted the challenges. In a time frame of 2 hours for macarons and 13 hours for donuts, with a few freezing limbs, and 1 coat that needed some intense cleaning later, I was the proud recipient of a years worth of free things. 

A minute didn't go by without dozens of people asking me to share my winnings with them. The saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. Don't be the person who makes the mistake of being interested in something, not following through, and regretting your choice once you see someone else's results. You've seen the fruits of my labor, and I'm sure you want a taste of my sweet pastry winning success. Now is the moment to get out there and try it for yourself, no friends necessary.