The GI Struggle is Real: Why I did the GHC Liver and Colon Cleanse

There were donuts at a meeting and I declined them. Someone mentioned that there are 17g of sugar in one donut. EXACTLY!, I said with a small fist pump, that is near our normal daily limit. A rebuttal was given by a donut eater that one day I could step outside and get hit by a car and regret not eating the donut.

What is the likelihood of getting hit by a car? Probably the same as me winning the lottery. However, I do know that there is a strong chance of me going into gastric distress due to consuming high amounts of calories and sugar. Do I regret not eating the donut? Yes, because I am supporter of the "Treat Yo Self Movement" but also no, because despite my efforts in eating healthy, exercising and avoiding alcohol, my digestive system has been something I struggle with, and "treat myself moments" don't also work out in my favor. 


My Problem

For the past 7 years my body has been exposed to harsh medications and invasive surgeries to resolve my complicated GI issues. Recently, after speaking with my doctor and a dietitian I realized that I should look into alternative ways to control my problem, so I reached out to the Global Healing Center.

As a company that provides natural health information, products and supplements that restore the body's self-healing mechanisms, my goal was to find something that would give me long term benefits, had positive reviews and didn't strip my body of nutrients. After discussing my options, I decided on the Body Cleanse Starter Kit which is a combination of the Liver Cleanse and Colon Cleanse. ** The product was given to me for free, however I will be sharing my honest opinion, both good and bad**



Cleanse Benefits

If you're like me and are wondering, I know the benefits of cleaning my colon: prevents constipation, jump starts weight loss, supports colon health; but why do I need to cleanse my liver then listen up. The Liver acts as a filter for all of the junk you put in your body like medications, alcohol and caffeine; it removes toxins and turns them into byproducts, and produces biles that the digestive systems uses to break down fat to promote weight loss. 

Overtime when too much buildup occurs symptoms begin to present themselves, from a lower immune system, abdominal pain, poor digestion, bloating, and the production of stones that can block the liver and gallbladder when you have a diet high in cholesterol. 


The Plan

Latero Flora Global Healing Center

It took 3 weeks to complete the cleanse, 6 days for the Colon cleanse, a 1 week break, then 6 days for the Liver Cleanse. The supplements provided are:

  • Oxy Powder: an oxygen based colon cleanser
  • Latero-Flora: probiotic to populate the intestine with good bacteria. 
  • Aloe Fuzion: supports immune system and soothes irritation
  • Livatrex: boosts the gallbladder


I will give a breakdown of the full cleanse and how I felt day to day in the second part of my post. In the mean time, I am open to answering any questions and concerns you may have. If you are interested in learning more about the products, you find them here and here