Breakfast (and Kinda Brunch) of Champions at Stacked Eatery in Chesapeake

CHESAPEAKE HAS GOOD FOOD!! (Do I need to scream louder for the folks in the back?)

As a resident of this city, I can admit that the non chain options are limited but don't count us out.  If you're looking for a home-style, no frills but all the flavors breakfast (and don't want to wait in a long line for it), try out Stacked Eatery.

Located in Greenbrier, they are in a central location only 15 minutes from Downtown Norfolk and Virginia Beach Town Center, and most recently won The Virginian Pilots Taste Test for best Pancakes. I've visited twice already and each time I was blown away by the service, presentation and taste of the food. Also: The owner has a nickname of Chatty Kathy,  and that in itself makes my heart smile.

On my first visit...

I had the Pancake Platter which comes with Two Pancakes ( I had the Pecan), two eggs and either bacon or sausage. The pancakes area medium consistency, thick enough that 1 would satisfy you but without a gummy consistency. 

My friend had the strawberry french toast, something that I usually wouldn't order. My main gripe is that its too sweet, soaking in syrup, has runny fruit and the bread used is too thin to hold up all the ingredients.  If this meal came with a tally to check off every time something passed by test, it would pass with flying colors.


On my second visit...

With a group of friends I had their Ham and Egg Breakfast Skillet(they also have a country ham if that's your thing). It comes with 2 eggs, home fries or grits and toast or a biscuit.

I appreciated the use of real potatoes which had a crispy exterior but soft inside. The ham is clearly perfection, although they only give one slice, it was the kind of ham you eat on Christmas; Thick cut and a lots of caramelization. 


I also got a single chocolate chip pancake because why not. It was just as good as the first one, a light crisp on the edge, thick and fluffy.

The staff saw that we were taking photos of our food and asked if we could also photograph their Cold Plate and Fruity Pebbles french toast...I happily obliged.

See a flat lay shot of all the food my friends and I had. 


My next visit here will be to try out their lunch options, I have my eye on their Grilled Ham, Brie and Apple Sandwich on brioche bread. But if you're ever in the Chesapeake area (or not) I urge you to come here and try out their food, I promise you wont regret it.