Chesapeake Eats: Lunch at The Cutting Edge Cafe

I have a secret for you, and whether you want to believe it or not is on you. Spoiler Alert! Chesapeake has great food.

Now take a moment to throw some shades on and drive with me. There is a strip mall within a shopping center located in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake. In it you have a chain restaurant, an ABC store and a delicious lunch spot called The Cutting Edge Cafe.

I met a friend at the cafe one afternoon, and after perusing their menu I ordered the Wasabi Braised Brisket panini. This delicious ciabatta-loaded delight is topped with pickled vegetables, arugula, cilantro and wasabi mayo. I had it with a side of sweet potato fries because carbs were my friend that day (and the internet told me too).


I don’t know what they put on those fries, or the kind of oil they fry them in, but I’d love to know because I inhaled them like the cookie monster. They were well seasoned, not extra crunchy (or limp) and fried to order. I asked for an aioli to dip them in, so don’t miss out on getting a side of that.

The ciabatta is made in house, and the brisket *mouth waters as I type this* melted in my mouth. It wasn’t dry, tough, or filled with unnecessary gristle; and to my surprise not spicy. If heat turns you off, don’t avoid ordering it because of the wasabi. This was a fresh, tasty and filling lunch that I’d love to experience every week for the rest of my working life. Take a trip there and report back with your findings.

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