What's Up With Your Blog Name?

Since the creation of this blog, I’ve gone back and forth with myself about whether I should change the name. Why? Because people find it confusing. If I tell them the name, it usually takes a few attempts of repeating it for someone to understand. The conversation usually goes like this:

  • A Random Friend: Did you know that Kim has a food blog?
  • Person: That's cool, what's the name?
  • Me: So Full Zest
  • Person: *makes a face and squints eyes*
  • Me: *speaking slowly* Sohh Fulll Zest 
  • Person: Oh Soulful Zest, that's neat
  • Me: Thank You, but its actually SO FULL, not soulful.
  • Person:
  • Me: Or like I am so full of zest.
  • Person: Ohh ok. I love it that's so creative!

This is definitely a first world problem, but every time it happens it made me question whether or not I wanted to keep it. I’d come up with a dozen different options, but after polling at least 100 people ( I’m not even kidding…the indecisiveness is real), I finally decided to keep the name.

  • No One:
  • Me: Thanks for asking, I’d love to explain how I came up with the name

When I think of things that fill my life with joy, food is the first thing that comes to my mind. Think about it, what do you feel when you see your waitress coming towards your table with your food? Joy, happiness, and excitement of course! What does food do to you? It makes you full. Every holiday that we spend with the people we love involves food.

So the blog name could’ve been Full of Joy or So full of Joy…but I wanted to be different. I looked up synonyms for joy and came across the word zest. Zest means taste, enjoyment and energetic; I embody those characteristics and often feel like life is constantly throwing lemons at me, so zest seemed perfect. I am passionate and expressive so in came Soulful. Finally, because I love to eat Soulful became So Full. That is how So Full Zest was born.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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